CFL Draft: By the Numbers

The following comes from Mark Fulton, who generously sent us these numbers and gave us free reign to use. Rather than incorporate it in to words, this is simply his work as is for your viewing pleasure… for more from Mark, check out his Twitter account @FenderGuy69

65 Players Drafted in Total

59 or 90.77% from CIS
5 from NAIA
1 from FCS

21 or 32.31% from RSEQ
19 or 29.23% from OUA
11 or 16.92% from CWUAA
8 or 12.31% from AUS
5 or 7.69% from GNAC

Laval & Montreal had the most players drafted with 6 each. Each school represented 9.23% of the draft or 18.5% combined.

Manitoba & Simon Fraser came in 2nd with 5 players drafted each for 7.69% of the draft individually or 15.4% combined.

Queen’s, Toronto, Western & Concordia all registered 4 draft choices each or 6.15% individually. Combined they represented 24.62% of the draft.

The Top 8 schools in Canada accounted for 58.46% of all players taken in the draft.

21 out of 27 (77.77%) Canadian Schools with a Football program had at least 1 player drafted.

6 (22.22%) schools were shut out of the draft. They were Alberta, Saskatchewan, Waterloo, Laurier, Carleton & Ottawa.

35 or 53.85% of the drafted players were on the defensive side of the ball while 30 or 46.15% of the players drafted came from the offensive side of the football.

There were 19 Defensive Linemen selected representing 29.23% of all positions drafted.

2nd most were Offensive Linemen with 10 selections representing 15.38% of the draft.

Linebackers & Receivers each had 9 players selected within their position groups representing 13.85% of the draft each.

Defensive secondary players accounted for 10.77% of the draft with 7 players chosen.

Fullbacks and Kickers/Punters each had 4 players selected in the draft.

Finally, running backs accounted for 3 selections in this year’s draft.

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